Helmut Sachers Coffee offers its customers an extensive range of selected additional products, such as white or brown sugar in fine, pre-portioned sachets or as sticks and practically packaged honey portions and natural, classic Viennese coffee milk in bottles or as individual portions. We also recommend fine caramel biscuits as a sweet treat for your guests.


    Coffee milk

    In classic Viennese coffee culture, coffee milk with at least 10 percent fat content is served with mocha or long drinks. Helmut Sachers coffee milk is available in bottles for you to fill yourself or as practical, individual servings.



    We supply fine white or brown sugar in elegantly designed sachets. White sugar is also available in the popular sugar sticks. Our range also includes sweeteners for your calorie-conscious guests.  



    Honey is a popular alternative to sugar, not just for health-conscious guests. We have included handily packaged honey portions from the firm Honigmayer in our range. The hygienic individual portions are well-suited to buffets in luxury hotels.