Stylish porcelain for all coffee, tea and chocolate drinks. Choose between the luxury coffee sommelier range from “Kahla” or the trendy, stackable RAK coffee service. The range is complemented by a sophisticated latte glass, as well as elegant trays and coffee spoons.


    BAR porcelain range

    The ideal coffee porcelain for trendy restaurants. See our range for yourself and experience coffee enjoyment from perfectly formed cups.


    Elegant trays and coffee spoons

    In a Viennese coffee house, coffee is traditionally served on silver trays. High-quality spoons made from brushed stainless steel with engraved coffee pot symbols complement the trays.


    Latte glass

    Nowadays Cafè Latte is stylishly served in a glass. The appeal of our latte glass is in its handiness and stability. Coffee drinks that are a feast for the eyes.