The best machines


Espresso machines and grinders 

Helmut Sachers Coffee recommends the DC PRO espresso machine from Dalla Corte. It has been developed and produced in Milan. Dalla Corte machines are characterised by constancy and temperature-stability, which are essential for making coffee. They also have good steam performance, which is important for producing fine-pored, creamy, frothy milk.

Helmut Sachers Coffee also recommends “grind on demand” grinders, which are appliances for instantly grinding fresh beans. The DC ONE grinder from Dalla Corte was developed in cooperation with the firm Mahlkönig. What is special about these grinders is that they intuitively recognise whether they are working with a single or double filter holder. They automatically release the right quantity of coffee without the barista having to make any adjustments to the appliance. The fineness of the grounds and the quantity of coffee are crucial factors for the extraction time of the coffee.

The perfect barista workplace has two grinders because of the different degrees of fineness and the different varieties of coffee. A grinder with the perfect ground fineness for espresso and a grinder with coarser grinding for long drinks. The extraction time for a perfect espresso is approx. 25 seconds. This is the time from when the button is pressed to when the last drop of coffee falls into the cup.