Founded 1929 in Vienna



The father of Helmut Sachers learns to roast coffee at a food retailer at Naschmarkt in Vienna.


It was the time of the Operettes. The brand name Stambulia is born due to turkish immigrants and "Rose of Stambul"


Helmut Sachers and his wife Inge buy the small store from his father. Per week they are roasting two sacks of raw coffee. Daily the coffee is getting roasted in the afternoon, selected with a machine operated by foot. The next morning the coffee is getting packed in paper bags and getting delivered to a few cafés and restaurants.


Helmut Sachers buys the coffee company Arian-Kaffee followed by more small companies: Campos, Burkert, Sombrero, Peru, Morenita, Angola, Stemhoff, Werner, Veith.


For the first time, Helmut Sachers Kaffee takes part at a foreign fair in Hamburg, Germany. From this time on, the company regularly takes part in international fairs. The USA and Canada become important markets for export, although Germany continues to be the most important one. Today Helmut Sachers Kaffee is being represented at about 25 - 30 domestic and internationl fairs and exhibitions: from Berlin to Milano, from Colonia to Tokyo, from Frankfurt to San Francisco, Düsseldorf to New York, Hannover to St. Petersburg, Hamburg to Paris. Alltogether the company is distributing to around 25 foreign markets. Viennese coffee is synonym to great coffee all around the world. In 1988, after a significant expansion, the company moves to Oeynhausen close to Baden, still being in the immediate proximity of Vienna.


The production facilities are expanded with one more storage hall and the office parts are getting one more level. The export part is making up 20% of the total sales volume which has grown with 200%. Helmut Sachers Kaffee hat about 4000 customers in Austria and the roasting volume has grown from two sacks of raw coffee a week to about 450 tons a year.


After many successful years Helmut Sachers withdrawsa and sells the company to Immoga Beteiligungs GmbH. The experienced tyrolean restauranteur Hannes Schlögl is being the new CEO.